Sander with reg. rotations and aspiration 1000-6000 R.P.M

Sander with reg. rotations and aspiration 1000-6000 R.P.M
(Code: BV.LX.1060.A)

The sander is designed for sanding or card in the shoe base. This model has a variable speed that ranges from 1000 to 6000 rpm on a sanding belt with the perimeter of 1350 mm working vertically. For its mode of action that is one of the most popular model in our company. The motor of sandpaper has been manufactured specifically for this purpose. The shaft and bearings have been optimized for a long period of use. The suction zone is designed with the purpose of guaranteeing maximum efficiency of operation and due to worker comfort. In addition to the sanding belt on the machine, this version comes with additional sanding.

The customer can order special rolls and sanding at any time after the purchase. The workstation is ergonomically and designed for an operator. The workstation is ergonomically and designed for an operator. The machine is designed to ensure stability, absorbing any vibrations.

Weight 250 kg
Heigh 1800 mm
Length 1200 mm
Wight 600 mm
Power Source 400 V
Power Consumption 3.3 kW

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